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OTTS is a business management solutions company, specializing in providing our clients, top-level Subject Matter Experts, (SME's) who bring their expertise along with an incredible amount of innovation, and operational modeling tools that support companies' operations to make better decisions that will increase output and reduce cost. OTTS SME’s are skilled at eliminating blind spots that hinder a company’s value chain. OTTS SMEs will enhance the clients' leadership teams' critical decision-making, which will result in strengthening operational excellence across your company’s entire organization.

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We oversee, transform, and drive the execution (lead or in a supportive role) in optimizing business functions across a company’s entire organization by identifying and implementing cost-efficient supply chain solutions for both global and domestic footprints. These solutions will maximize productivity that reduces operating costs and will empower your global business connections. Read more

Our Mission

At OTTS, our mission is to take the lead and set the global standard for business management companies. We offer our customers high quality, exceptional value and workable solutions to their complex challenges. In doing this, our customers are more streamlined and better equipped to operate more efficiently in their highly intensive competitive sales markets. The result for our clients means providing superior quality and service to their customers.

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OTTS is looking for strong Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the areas of Engineering, Operations Managers, Supply Chain Professionals, Technology Guru's, Financial, (Cost Accountants), CEO's, Sign up on our Division Site, https://erbocorp.com



OTTS is pleased to announce the formation of a new division:

The OTTS Corporation has listened to its Private Equity and Hedge Fund Partners and set up a new division, (New Website coming soon) specializing in handling our clients, new acquisitions, supplying the leadership teams to cover the transitions, with highly skilled and proven CEOs, CFOs, along with, Quality, Sales, Marketing, and Operations Executives.

The OTTS Transition Team will set the strategy, have a detailed plan laid out that will include both operational and technology actions with timelines. The project plan will have milestones, due dates, owners assigned.

OTTS's objective will be to ensure a seamless no-service interruptions transition, to where our client's customers won't notice any change.

If your team needs a quote or would like to discuss a specific transition in more detail, give us a call, at 949.426.0761 ask for Bob or John.



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