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Posted: 3rd Mar 2015 (0 comments)

The Leaders at OTTS know firsthand how tough it is for a professional to secure the right job, and we know that the interview process can be very stressful. What see and hear from leaders who interviewing candidates are finding out the candidate they thought would be a great fit, did poorly on the interview process, to where the hiring manager could not convince their peers to hire the candidate they wanted.

OTTS did some research into this matter as to why potential candidates seem to be not prepared when going for the second or final interview. Our findings showed, the recruiters who lined up the candidate were not well versed in business operations subject matter, were not able to prep their candidate very well. 2 the second and most common the potential candidate themselves, do not understand total operations and the right questions to ask.

Our main reason, on why we OTTS started this job interview consultation service, is because we are extremely compassionate about getting professionals lined up in the right positions at companies. There are a lot executive search companies or so-called job coaching and outplacement service companies out there that provide the same service, but charge an arm and leg with no guarantees. Unbelievable!

Just last week, a job placement or so-called job transition company called a person who OTTS was thinking of hiring, and found out this firm (no-name) wanted $3500 -$6000 to help this person transition or find a new position. They offered to do their resume, provide coaching on calling leaders who they knew were hiring, but with no guarantees of securing a job. Unbelievable! Save your money, if you going on an interview, especially, your second or final interview to determine if you get the job.

Call us at OTTS, we will prep you before you go to the interview (consultation usually lasts an hour), after one hour of prep work, you will be ready, and be head and shoulders above any of your competition that is interviewing for the same position.

No outplacement firm or executive search firm offers more value than OTTS or the experience working in field. OTTS is compassionate on finding the right professional with the right position and the best company.

By July 2015, OTTS will compete in the Executive search and top talent recruitment space, by offering its own membership site. Companies and recruiters can post job listings and top professionals can post their resumes. OTTS's membership site, high quality at a great value. More to come on this subject in the days and weeks ahead.

Build A World Class Strategic Sourcing Organization (CALL OTTS)

Posted: 1st Mar 2015 (0 comments)

At OTTS, we are very skilled at building World Class Global Strategic Sourcing Organizations. We will equip your sourcing/purchasing teams to be very proficient in negotiating terms with your supply base, along with, giving your team the ability to implement strategic sourcing strategies. Using OTTS, you will notice your sourcing/purchasing team will have the skill to build and leverage strong relationships and networks both within and outside your company’s organization.

Finally, another noticeable capability your sourcing/purchasing teams will possess, is the effective use of the sourcing/purchasing leaders using their personal influential skill as a preferred method (versus authority) to persuade others and gain support.

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