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Posted on: 20th May 2016
Posted by: OTTS Ops Team
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Your Employee Search Needs The OTTS Difference!

The Difference Is Personal

Looking for the right employee can be a frustrating and time consuming event. Online recruiters do little to filter the noise of unqualified candidates, hoping a suitable candidate will find its way to you. OTTS Recruitment Services offers a highly effective personal touch to recruitment. Not only will your search be much easier, but the results hit your target like no other online recruiter can.

The Difference is Quality

We have over twenty years of recruitment experience working with top companies in the U.S. If it’s an HR department or private search, our recruiters are already in the field procuring contacts. We’re on the pulse of job and hiring trends, bringing only the top candidates to your attention. Our recruitment levels vary, offering searches including Sr. VP levels. No matter what level employee you search for, OTTS presents only the “best of the best” for your approval.

The Difference is OTTS

Competitive pricing puts OTTS on the cutting edge of internet job searching. Stop spending your time and money hoping the right candidate will apply. The personal touch OTTS offers ensures your candidates are the best candidates, and that your time and money are well spent. We also offer vetting services, bringing you peace of mind for any potential employee you’re considering.

Our team is in some of the most exciting industries in the world today, fields like law, sales, human resources, IT, marketing, finance and more. Starting your online search with OTTS Recruitment Services means you’ll be starting on the best path for your talent needs!


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