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Posted on: 10th Dec 2016
Posted by: OTTS Ops Team
Categories: Business Strategy
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Without exception, companies strive for operational excellence: to be efficient, productive, and profitable. The reasons for falling short of excellence can be diverse and complex, including deficient supply chain planning, choked cash flow, poor service fill rates, inventory or packaging issues, and more. Many companies have taken the step to hire expensive transition consultants that nevertheless haven’t corrected the problem. My company, Operations, Transformations & Transitions Specialists (OTTS), wants to optimize your company’s business function, putting into place a world-class strategic sourcing operation that reduces overall spending while improving both manufacturing operations and supply chain planning processes—all at an affordable rate with an excellent return on investment.

Well-versed in many facets of supply chain and quality processes, the experts at OTTS have a high success rate in developing workable solutions to challenges, with the result of increased cash flow, improvement in quality, and reduced cost. Helping your company achieve the utmost in efficiency and profitability is our priority, and we provide support throughout every step of the process: from determining the root causes of issues to designing workable solutions and implementing them. OTTS offers incomparable service, superior quality, and an outstanding ROI, averaging an 8-1 rate of return.

Some of the services provided by OTTS business experts include:

• Program and Project Management—A comprehensive management approach, including goal setting, planning, implementation, and execution

• Inventory Management—Improves every aspect of your value chain and achieves operational goals with precise data and streamlined processes

• Cash Flow and Financial Solutions—Pinpoints the processes or functionalities responsible for hindering your cash flow and provides easy-to-implement solutions

• Production Scheduling and Planning—Achieves the efficiency necessary for smooth manufacturing, improved scheduling, and increased service levels

• Packaging Solutions—Provides customized solutions to meet your company’s unique requirements

• Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning—Demand Management solutions for improved operational efficiency

It would be my pleasure to discuss how OTTS can take your company to the next level for the utmost in growth, productivity, and profitability. I look forward to hearing from you.

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