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Posted on: 2nd Dec 2016
Posted by: OTTS Ops Team
Categories: Business Strategy
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We are OTTS and we do it the best!


OTTS is a business management consulting company who specializes in supporting companies through solving their complex issues and providing workable solutions to closing the gaps in their value chain. Our implementations will increase all the company’s customer service levels while at same time drive out excessive cost over a company’s entire operation. Results garnered from our implementations will show the company’s leadership an increase in their operating income even in intensely competitive environments. (OTTS WILL DELIVER)

We at OTTS oversee, transform, and initiate the solutions that optimize business functions by identifying and implementing cost-efficient supply chain solutions for global and domestic footprints. These solutions maximize productivity that reduces operating costs and empowers global business connections.

**has in-depth knowledge in all areas that make up a company’s supply chain. We have transformed company’s strategic sourcing departments, implement new methods and strategies for production planning inventory control teams. In addition, we have strengthened distribution networks, raised the bar for quality assurance programs, and drove lean and sigma methodologies globally in manufacturing facilities.

In addition, we here at OTTS are very successful at setting up world-class customer service and inventory management programs. We will create and deliver high performance reporting tools that will drive better decision making for all key stakeholders in the value chain. OTTS has been very successful at streamlining logistics and enhancing company’s distribution networks achieving superior customer levels.

One additional point to consider about OTTS that separates us from other consultant companies. Our senior team consists of systematic leaders and reliable mentors who have a strong track record of success in building superior operational teams and directing key operational projects from original concept to successful completion.

In closing, OTTS will empower companies to attain operational excellence across their entire value chain.

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