OTTS- Driving Sales using Social Media

Posted: 2nd Feb 2019 (0 comments)

Are your operations struggling with cash flow, have weak Brand recognition, slow-moving product lines, have excessive and aged inventory challenges? You should look to the OTTS, Corp to bring on a spokesmodel like (Kyra Symone) pictured upabove. Seriously, if your company, needs to strengthen their brand, be more competitive in your sales channels (1 or 2 in your sales markets), or uses promotions to reduce or move out excessive inventory, we at OTTS, Corp. advise Leadership, that their operations should use one of our proven an accomplished spokesmodels, to market your product lines on the ever-growing social media platforms like, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Tumbler etc...

OTTS - Looking to Invest and Buy

Posted: 10th Feb 2019 (1 comments)

OTTS, Inc. Has partnered with some great leaders, to form a superior executive management team, for the specific intent of identifying and acquiring a company or companies or a controlling interest in an operating platform that can be grown substantially and can create superior value for all parties involved.

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