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Posted on: 7th Apr 2019
Posted by: OTTS Ops Team
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Listen Up!

Leaders #Businessowners, do your operations need support; need some new energy? Look to #OTTS, Inc. to resolve your challenges your operations is facing. Our leader John Mark Shaw will be glad to look at your company's situation, and will provide a plan to you and your management team to transform and make your company more competitive, a plan that will increase your operations cash flow, and a plan that will greatly improve your management team's ability to make better critical decisions and his plan will increase your company's brand. There is no company better, than OTTS, or proven skilled leader at transforming companies turnaround. No One! 



Quick Glance at OTTS's Leader: 

SEVP & Sr. Partner

Turnaround & Transition Executive Profile

A globally-skilled executive strategist who has proven he can lead, oversee, transform and drive the plan. I, Mark Shaw, have more than 20 years of leadership experience optimizing business functions by identifying and implementing cost-efficient supply chain and marketing solutions for global and domestic footprints. This visionary leadership not only strengthens sales channels to gain market share, but it also maximizes productivity that reduces, operating costs and empowers global business connections. I accomplished this through in-depth knowledge in strategic sourcing strategies, production planning, distribution, implementing global E-commerce programs, skilled at marketing brands through Social Media platforms and manufacturing operations. My approach is combined with a strong ability to track and eliminate blind spots, strengthen supplier relations, improve contract negotiations, drive sales through new marketing strategies, incorporate reverse logistics programs and fortify the IT information systems infrastructure. In addition, I have been successful at setting up world-class customer service and inventory management programs, created and delivered high-performance reporting tools for improving critical decision-making. Streamline logistics, enhance distribution networks and increase operating income in intensely competitive environments. I am a systematic leader and reliable mentor with a track record of success building superior operational teams and directing key operational projects from original concept to successful completion.


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