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Posted on: 13th Apr 2019
Posted by: OTTS Ops Team
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Started up OTTS, Inc in 2012, (Pronounced OTIS) to support companies, who needed help to reduce their costs, increase their cash-flow, create tools for leadership to enhance their critical thinking skills, we at OTTS are great at strengthening Sales Channels in highly competitive Markets in addition too, we have been very successful in optimizing business functions by identifying & implementing cost-efficient supply chain & marketing solutions for global & domestic footprints, which strengthens sales channels to gain market share.

In 2018, we started up ERBO, as a sister company to OTTS, Due2, so many companies & or recruiters call the two partners & John Mark up on a daily basis, asking us to secure them a professional to fill a key role in their organization, be it an Executive Role or in Supply Chain, Ops, Finance, Quality, Distribution, Engineering, Nursing, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Project Management, & or IT. From multiple Business industries that include; Medical, Biotech, Pharma, Food, Pet, Beverage, Auto, Consumer, Energy, Chemical, High-Tech, Retail, E-comm. Direct-Sales, Startups, international, turnarounds, and multi-level just to name a few.

We decided since we were running out friends & good contacts to supply to these decision-makers who were asking us to find them the best professional to fill a key position in their organization. A huge powerful light went on! Why don’t we open and start up a Five Star Executive Search company, to handle confidential retained, engaged and contingency searches. In addition, too, launch a website to post our clients job listings, that also, hosts and networks elite and proven Professionals to be better equipped to compete in today's job market and give the professional an edge to secure the best opportunity, to enhance their future growth! (So we did! Hence ERBO was born!)

Then late in 2018, John Mark formed an association w/ John Geer, President of Private Equity Partners, for the specific intent of identifying and acquiring a company or companies or a controlling interest in an operating platform that can be grown substantially & can create superior value for all parties involved. Our management team is interested in management buy-outs, companies in distressed, companies who need capital for investment; could be going through a transition or in a turnaround situation. We will look at companies with Revenues stating at $50M up to $2B. Have a minimum EBITA of $10M.


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