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Turnaround & Transition Executive Profile

A globally-skilled executive strategist who has proven he can lead, oversee, transform and drive the plan. I, Mark Shaw, have more than 20 years of leadership experience optimizing business functions by identifying and implementing cost-efficient supply chain and marketing solutions for global and domestic footprints. This visionary leadership not only strengthens sales channels to gain market share, but it also maximizes productivity that reduces, operating costs and empowers global business connections. I accomplished this through in-depth knowledge in strategic sourcing strategies, production planning, distribution, implementing global E-commerce programs, skilled at marketing brands through Social Media platforms and manufacturing operations. My approach is combined with a strong ability to track and eliminate blind spots, strengthen supplier relations, improve contract negotiations, drive sales through new marketing strategies, incorporate reverse logistics programs and fortify the IT information systems infrastructure. In addition, I have been successful at setting up world-class customer service and inventory management programs, created and delivered high-performance reporting tools for improving critical decision-making. Streamline logistics, enhance distribution networks and increase operating income in intensely competitive environments. I am a systematic leader and reliable mentor with a track record of success building superior operational teams and directing key operational projects from the original concept to successful completion.

Notable Accomplishments:


• At a mid-size nutrition company about close its doors, with revenue of $80M, reorganized and set a vision that built a supply chain organization having teams accountable for strategic and tactical sourcing, production planning, masters scheduling, inventory analysis management, logistics, and change management. This was a big cultural shift to how things operated in the past. Now the 7 teams operate as one dynamic team using synergies between themselves ensuring constant flow. Results garnered saved the company from not declaring bankruptcy. Saved 250 employees jobs, changed sourcing terms from COD to 90 days with 95% of the supplier base. Inventory reduced by 32% ($4.2M). Unplanned sourcing secured savings of $1.2M in 2010. Leaned the organization, fixed costs down by ($3M) in FY 2010. Service and fill rates went to 98% from 75% in FY 2011. Established a 26-line KPI scorecard to be monitored daily and designed an executive dashboard that shows 6 company goals vs. actuals


• Extremely effective going into companies who are weak in their manufacturing operations or have an underperforming supply chain organization, struggling with costs, increasing service levels, forecast vs. actuals, expedited freight, absorption and supply chain planning. Setup a completely new Supply Chain Organization from scratch at an industrial goods company with revenues of $2.35B. The results achieved: inventory was reduced by 30%; part shortages to the manufacturing lines were reduced by 96%; expedited freight expense was reduced by $20.5 million in 14 months, and production increased by 110%. TOTAL VALUE CHAIN VISUALIZATION & OPERATIONS Achieved remarkable success in providing companies with total visualization of their entire value chain. Designed outstanding management tools that are created implemented and managed specifically designed for individual companies. My tools and templates provide great analysis for Total- Cost-to-Serve; detailed Finished SKU and Raw Material Product Code Analysis (PPIC); Logistics Studies; Supply Chain Cost Benchmarking; as well as a great tool for Plant and DC Optimizations. These tools provide the ability to enhance a company’s value chain and provide accurate solutions. Work with company business leaders to reduce cost, increase revenue and strengthen sales channels for sales and marketing teams. The key to my remarkable success is the ability to create a detailed assessment of a company's value chain using the tools and templates I've created.


• Very successful as a Business Manager Consultant leading IT and Operational projects, where I could influence, define the goals and objectives, lay out the plan, set the strategy, oversee the execution, control and manage the progress using KPIs. This helped me succeed in transforming struggling organizations while streamlining operations and strengthening IT infrastructure that achieved reduced operating costs and increased revenues at companies like Gilead; Select Comfort; Fruit of the Loom; Caterpillar; Chaban Wellness and Cisco Systems. My core methodology in leading a project or program is to do a detailed Assessment, Design, Plan, Execute, Deliver, Quality Control, and Measure to ensure progress and meeting due dates.


• At-large Pharma/Nutrition company with revenues of $3.5B. Initiated and facilitated over a weekly Global Strategic War Room meeting (risk management) where all the leaders from all operational departments were required to attend: Finance; Marketing; Sales; Logistics; R&D; Global Licensing; Manufacturing and Supply Chain. The main goal for this team was to work together to reduce the company’s COGS, eliminate the risks in the company’s value chain that hinder flow and deliver execution on opportunities. In FY 2009, to reduce excessive procurement of slow-moving product by $20M; reduce write-offs of non-finished goods (packaging, labels, corrugated) and expedited freight by $3M: in addition, the new team with data my group provided increased forecast accuracy from a non-measurable variable in FY 2007 to 90% accuracy in the first two quarters of FY 2009.


• At-large Global Confectionery Company (sales revenue $3B), drove, developed and implemented a new inventory control process out of the SAP R3 module that improved inventory integrity at 3rd party distribution centers. This implementation generated $10M in savings in FY 2003; improved sku fill rates by 6% (93% to 99%) and raised inventory accuracy (absolute) from 85% to 98.5%. Turnaround and improved the supply chain planning operation and successfully reduced the hand-finished product by 37% in 12 months ($60M to $38M)


• Supported and guided an E-Commerce Company (with revenue of $30M) with the ability to succeed in a highly intensive industry. Equipped with the client’s management with better tools to improve sales and distribution. Provided direction and lead the search where to best locate new fulfillment centers in the US to support future growth. Negotiated and implemented a better logistics model that saves $1.5M on logistics costs and gets orders filled 2-3 days faster to the client’s west coast customers. Set up a greatly improved pick-and-pack operation that eliminated duplicate touches and training manuals going to repeat customers. Savings of $1.8M garnered in the first 12 months. Drove quality throughout the client’s organization by training all staff members in both FDA and OSHA regulations, and GMP practices in a pharma environment.


• Led over the setup of new product lines and new distribution into new markets at a nutrition company with Sales of $3.5B. This leadership role worked with global marketing and corporate finance and was accountable for quality, service levels, country compliance, logistics, supply chain planning, inventory, packaging, and contract manufacturing. Sales growth increased by $500M and all new product launches made the scheduled date.


• Late 2017: With the goal of increasing value to the customer base and augmenting OTTS’s operating income, launched with existing partners a new company under the OTTS brand called Employee Recruitment by OTTS (ERBO). Utilizing the extensive knowledge and job market expertise of OTTS specialists, OTTS established ERBO as a superior job recruitment company adept at matching exceptional candidates with premium companies. Still active in the field procuring top candidates, ERBO recruiters have proven repeatedly successful. ERBO currently offers 5 services: executive search, an interactive network for professionals, resume service, and (2018) HR contracting. The business is on track to show a positive O/I in 2019.

E-Commerce & Strengthening Brands on Social Media Platforms

• The 21st century for companies to be more competitive, and to go into new markets to capture new customers in on growing social media platforms. In 2019 to support our clients, build their E-commerce operations, that can compete against Amazon, in addition too, strengthen their sales channels, and who are struggling with cash flow, have weak brand recognition, slow-moving product lines, have excessive and aged inventory challenges. Mark has teamed up with several spokesmodels, to market and advertise our client ’s products on social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumbler, LinkedIn. Etc.. We are launching a New Website to launch this new service due in the 3rd Quarter of 2019.


• Skilled in supporting companies going through a startup or relaunching new products, and especially gifted in guiding companies to implement a new ERP, software application. Most companies and consulting companies fail in startups, relaunches and system enhancements, is in their assessment phase, and don’t account for all processes that happen within the value chain, such as, product movement, people, financials, and system infrastructure. Mark has been extremely successful with every new launch and have provided an ROI to the client of at least 4-1.

“Set the strategy, design the model, execute the plan, and drive results.” – Mark Shaw

Final Thoughts:

Shaw’s extensive experience in facilitating strict adherence to quality and regulatory criteria will unquestionably prove to be an immediate asset to your company’s organization. To complement these qualifications, Shaw offers an excellent blend of operations leadership, negotiating, influencing, financial, and forecasting skills, which are vital as a mentor to your company’s management and staff that will have lasting benefits on your organization for a long time.


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