Industrial Goods

To stay on top of market demand for materials at lower costs, the trend is for industrial manufacturers to move more and more to sourcing their materials in lower-cost countries. This trend has increased the need to continually redesign supply chains in an effort to achieve lower landed costs, reliable delivery, and inventory optimization. Even domestic manufacturers and suppliers are looking to source their parts and components from low-cost countries recognizing their critical need for reliable flow and inventory visibility.

OTTS has been very successful with industrial goods companies with optimizing planning operations and setting up shared services where one buyer/planner calls on one supplier. This simplified approach provides tracking and managing ECN’s to better manage inventory fluctuations. We design the supply chain organization to where the departments of: PPIC, demand management, logistics, inventory, sourcing, and plant master schedulers are all under one organization. For large global companies we have set-up material support centers around the world to provide better flow in the manufacturing facilities while increasing the visibility for the supply chain planning group.


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