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At OTTS, we are very skilled at building world-class Global Strategic Sourcing Organizations.


We will equip your sourcing/purchasing teams to be very proficient in negotiating terms with your supply base, along with, giving your team the ability to implement strategic sourcing strategies. You will notice your sourcing/purchasing team will have the skill to build and leverage strong relationships and networks both within and outside your company’s organization. Finally, another noticeable capability your sourcing/purchasing teams will possess, is the effective use of their personal influential skill as a preferred method (versus authority) to persuade others and gain support.

At OTTS, we work with our customers' executives and our teams will guide your organization at every step. Our initiatives act as a platform for our customers to accomplish additional cost savings. We have put in place a number of strategic sourcing best practices, which is transferred to clients and subsequently to their purchasing teams.

OTTS is fully committed to the creation of vital skills in clients so that they can do the work themselves in the future. Our expertise is the result of working in a number of industries and we transfer our knowledge to the benefit of our customers. We have proven ourselves multiple times to a large number of clients in a diversity of industries.

Effective methodology

When we analyze any client, OTTS utilizes five independent tests to find out the savings. We also guarantee that the savings outcome will be substantial. To put it concisely, we always meet our set targets. In our many years of operation, we have always delivered on what we had promised.

 Opportunity assessment: This process is started by the client team. They gather the spent data and interview the cross-functional personnel. Existing skills are also evaluated so that the benefits can be achieved. This kind of intelligence gathering helps not only OTTS but also our customers for the appraisal, managing and prioritizing of savings.

 Supplier research: This is done by our team. They thoroughly research the marketplace to identify suppliers which are in harmony with the specific requirements of our customers. This step permits bespoke benchmarking, increased negotiation and differentiation results by the introduction of new suppliers and reengage the current ones.

 Development of profiles: The RFI and RFQ profiles are developed by clients who ask for specific information required for the cross-functional client teams. This will enable us (and the client) to make data-centric decisions on the capabilities of a supplier to transform it into a viable source of goods in the longer term.

 Supplier presentation: Both stakeholders and the client executives join to proclaim the project to top executives of potential suppliers, and get engaged in friendly competition.

 Analysis of the profiles: Clients evaluate the completed profiles to filter the potential supplier list and educate themselves about the marketplace.

 Site visits: Quality is another important factor other than price. Customers visit the manufacturing centers of selected existing and new suppliers and engage in exhaustive discussions to verify the qualifying capabilities and build relationships to increase their knowledge of the market.

 Preparing for negotiation: Client teams, over multiple weeks of workshops and training, make preparations for negotiations. Market intelligence gathered from the profile of suppliers and visits to various sites are collated to be discussed in the course of negotiations.

 Negotiations: Executives of the client meet with the top management of the supplier to negotiate and discover the ability of each supplier to meet the goals of the team. The issues under negotiations are then documented in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

 Selection of suppliers: Client executives select the suppliers which provide the best overall value and lowest cost for services or goods.

To make sure that a project is successfully completed, OTTS continues to be an active participant in the initial phases of the contract execution. We ensure continued support for all our clients in the future.

To ensure OTTS’s effectiveness in building a World-Class Strategic Sourcing Organization/Department in your company, OTTS starts all new assignments using 21 KPI’s to manage and to better support, the leaders drive their business.

OTTS Clients usually see cost savings and process improvements in the following areas

  • Reduction in Total Spend 3-10%
  • Reduction in Expedited Freight Cost by 30-80%
  • Improvement in On-Time Delivery
  • Better payment terms from the supplier base
  • Improve and accurate lead times to the client's Supplier Base (Firm EDI Signals)

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