The hi-Tech industry has unique challenges in controlling product proliferation and complexity. The industry also struggles with efficiently matching supply chains to new marketing and sales channels along with managing their constant engineering changes. These changes make complex billing materials (BOM’s), and the setting up an ERP system regarding how the company operates its business. Another challenge companies have is managing the 3PL’s and contract manufacturers producing the right product and delivering it on time to their customer base.

OTTS has the experience to resolve all these challenges by setting up processes that will take the complexity out of the supply chain. With a streamline supply chain, the ECN’s will be managed more effectively. BOM’s will have absolute accuracy and the ERP system will be designed around the company’s operation. Planner’s horizons will go out 12-16 weeks to better manage the flow and the company will see a reduction in their unplanned costs. (Expedited Freight, Inventory write-offs).


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