Why Us?

Why choose Operations, Transformation & Transition Specialists? We can give you several reasons.

Most business consulting companies’ main goal is to get bodies, their consultants signed up for a company’s project. These consultant companies don’t look for root causes or provide any type of solution to resolve a company’s complex issue(s).

The consultant or consultant company hired might be an expert in specific software or a specific function but most of these consultants will not provide any solution to resolve the company’s issue. This is because the consultants are not business experts and truly don’t understand the value chain complexities (ie. Sourcing, Manufacturing, Inventory, Distribution, Sales & Marketing, Quality, and Finance).

Today, a company’s supply chain is complex. We at OTTS have learned from experience while resolving the company's challenges. Usually 9 out of 10 times, the issues go across multiple organizations and processes. We are well-equipped to define the issue, design a workable solution, execute and lead in the deployment of the solution, and then will set-up KPI’s to monitor and drive success.

Besides providing and implementing a workable solution, OTTS will specify what the issue or challenge is costing the company and will project the savings that will be captured from the solution implementation. The company’s finance department will see an ROI (return on investment). Most consulting companies or consultants don’t provide the ROI to their consultation because they don’t define the root cause and are unable to know what the issue is costing a company’s bottom line.

We provide high quality at a great value. Our pricing is anywhere from 20-40 percent lower than the big five consulting companies. We will provide you and your company the savings obtained from our solution.

For you leaders out there things to think about:

Do your managers have challenges in the following? Do they…

    1. Know the Sales Revenue, and the projected plan (Year to Date, Month to date)
    2. Have visibility to the entire value chain
    3. Clearly have an idea of all issues hindering the supply chain
    4. Know their inventory value and what is excess and obsolete
    5. Know the fill rates by the Manufacturing facility, by the customer, by MFG line, distribution and supplier base,
    6. Know how long the planner’s planning horizon is (ie. 12 weeks)
    7. Do planners know the consumable inventory and know what’s in transit and what is on order so to call out the risks
    8. Know what your plant absorption is and how to improve it
    9. Know that your ERP System is not working as planned or is too cumbersome to give your operations the visibility you thought, lack reporting tools (the right information)
    10. Have large Past Due PO’s and can’t explain why
    11. Know that customer returns are high
    12. Know the accuracy of your BOMs
    13. Have strategic sourcing (strong contracts and not needing restructuring)
    14. Have multiple planners or buyers calling on the same supplier causing confusion
    15. Have SOP’s or SOW’s or the documents are outdated
    16. Have inventory accuracy above 98% (gross accuracy)
    17. Have transportation costs going up (ie. expedited freight is the norm)
    18. Have Cash Flow issues
    19. Have a Capital investment strategy (build or secure a contract manufacturer)
    20. Have Engineering Change Notice management
    21. Change Management unable to effectively handle change thus causing risk in the value chain
    22. Have Manufacturing Lines shutdown
    23. Have Quality issues on product and processes
    24. Have too many reports but do have all the correct data to make a critical decision
    25. Have weak talent in key areas or not strong enough to get the company to the next level in the vision
    26. No vision on what or how to get a world-class Supply Chain
    27. No KPI’s set up or the staff doesn’t know what to measure to be successful
    28. No Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SIOP or S&OP)
    29. No Manufacturing Operations Review (MOR)
    30. Have struggling Sales Channels
    31. Have excess Packaging (too much, wrong sizes, costs going up, and quality is poor)
    32. Have a 3PL Assessment (Should the company outsource/ or is the company’s current 3PL providing great service and needs to be evaluated

If these are the issues leadership is seeing or is currently facing, OTTS has been very successful in developing workable solutions to these types of challenges. which we have achieved great results: where our customers have seen an increase in their cash flow, higher quality, and reductions in cost. In addition, our results have provided the company’s leadership to see an increase in both service levels and Operating Income.

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