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OTTS offers and provides companies, especially small and midsize companies, that feel they need support or want to outsource any of their company’s supply chain functions for expertise and accountabilities, OTTS is the premium solution. Allow OTTS to manage your company's supply chain functions and accountabilities, such as supply chain planning, inventory management, strategic sourcing, customer service, logistics and transportation, and dashboard data reporting.

  1. 4PL outsourcing allows organizations – especially start-ups and small businesses that lack the expertise, bandwidth or resources to profitably manage supply chain and operations functions – to optimize their supply-chain delivery model, gain productivity, drive down costs and penetrate new regional markets.

  2. OTTS ensures that those organizations seeking 4th party logistics will have a quick payback and high return on their 4PL investment.

It's as simple as that!

What makes 4PL the single, most perfect choice for outsourcing supply-chain services?

Compared to 3rd party (3PL) and other logistics models, which are ridden with conflicts of interest between the organization and the 3PL, 4PL is in your best interests. This is because a 4PL is a mere integrator that assembles the technology, resources and capabilities of its organization and other organizations to offer all-encompassing supply chain services. Understandably therefore, compared to 3PL, which uses its own resources and is therefore more likely to sacrifice cost-effectiveness for its customers in favor of making full utilization of its own technology, resources and capabilities, 4PL is by design, more capable of offering services at optimal costs for its customers.

Thus, as your 4PL manager, OTTS functions as an integrator – it aggregates the best resources for your company according to the cost and capability criteria specified by you. OTTS does not have its own assets or logistics services to sell to you and therefore, has no vested interest expect satisfying your needs.

Through 4PL Management by OTTS your Operations can get:

  • Total-Cost-To-Serve

  • Transportation Studies Analysis (Detail analysis on all your routes, analysis on all points of origin, and cost comparisons)

  • Supply Chain Cost Benchmarking

  • Save on-site capacity and resources by outsourcing logistics profitably.

  • Focus on improving internal and external service levels.

  • Optimize the use of internal technology, processes, structures and capabilities.

  • Drive down supply-chain costs.

  • Boost productivity in both supply and value chain.

  • Enhance visibility in diverse markets.

And more! Share some details of your target market segment and supply chain requirements and our 4PL management experts will tell you of the many ways 4PL can benefit your supply and value chains.

What makes OTTS your trusted 4PL Management specialist?

As the leading 4PL Manager in the industry, OTTS leverages its wide network of carriers, forwarders, warehouse keepers and other industry contacts to find the best solution for your company. You have the freedom to choose a carrier that offers you the best deal in any given situation. But cost-savings is not the only reason why your peers have made us the leader.

It is our capability to manage the comprehensive range of your supply/value-chain processes with ease, expertise and efficiency. Need full-proof transportation management? No problem! Our fully integrated transportation management services have received much success and acclaim in the industry. Need supply-chain management for services across the globe? No problem! We have and maintain global contacts for this very reason! Have a 3PL vendor you work with sometimes? No problem! Our experts can manage them as well.

We offer you a single point of contact and complete data ownership plus visibility with OTTS 4PL Management. For increased global visibility, reduced costs and quick payback on investment, speak to your OTTS 4PL Management specialist today! Call OTTS today! 1-888-410-6887

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