OTTS, Inc. A Total Source Business Management Company.

Posted: 13th Apr 2019 (0 comments)

OTTS, Inc. Your Operations 1 Stop Shop! Your operations, and or company need to reduce cost or strengthen your company sale channels? Call OTTS Today! Do you need to build your team, improve your management staff? Call ERBO Today! Are you business owner, and you need cash or you want to sale to continue your family business or ensure your brand success? Call us at OTTS, today!

Operations Need Support! Call OTTS, Inc.

Posted: 7th Apr 2019 (0 comments)

Leaders #Businessowners, does your operations need support; need some new energy? Look to #OTTS, Inc. to resolve your challenges your operations is facing. Our leader John Mark Shaw will be glad to look at your company's situation, and provide you a plan to you and your management team to transform and make your company more competitive, a plan that will increase your operations cash flow, greatly improve your management team's ability to make better critical decision making, and increase your company's brand. There is no company better.

Struggling Companies - Dont wait Call OTTS Today.

Posted: 10th Mar 2019 (1 comments)

Struggling companies listen up! We are talking to the #CEO #COO #CFO #Businessowners, whose businesses and operations are struggling! We love helping US Based Companies get #turnedaround & strengthen their brand within their #communities

OTTS - Looking to Invest and Buy

Posted: 10th Feb 2019 (0 comments)

OTTS, Inc. Has partnered with some great leaders, to form a superior executive management team, for the specific intent of identifying and acquiring a company or companies or a controlling interest in an operating platform that can be grown substantially and can create superior value for all parties involved.

OTTS- Driving Sales using Social Media

Posted: 2nd Feb 2019 (0 comments)

Are your operations struggling with cash flow, have weak Brand recognition, slow-moving product lines, have excessive and aged inventory challenges? You should look to the OTTS, Corp to bring on a spokesmodel like (Kyra Symone) pictured upabove. Seriously, if your company, needs to strengthen their brand, be more competitive in your sales channels (1 or 2 in your sales markets), or uses promotions to reduce or move out excessive inventory, we at OTTS, Corp. advise Leadership, that their operations should use one of our proven an accomplished spokesmodels, to market your product lines on the ever-growing social media platforms like, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Tumbler etc...

OTTS - Loves Competition (Qaulity & Value)

Posted: 10th Nov 2018 (0 comments)

Is your company struggling with its cash flow? Are you having difficulty improving the financial picture of your organization? Do financial matters cause internal stress that filters down to the workforce? Let’s face it; today’s economy makes it tough for competitors to stay afloat.

OTTS- Now offers 3PL Services

Posted: 5th Oct 2018 (0 comments)

OTTS, Inc. who has built and assembled a great management team, now offers 3PL Services. We at OTTS, Inc., specializes in the integration of all functions across the supply chain, from sourcing of raw materials, through product manufacturing to the distribution of finished goods

OTTS, Inc. We are...Expanding

Posted: 20th Jul 2018 (2 comments)

We formed an association for the specific intent of identifying and acquiring a company or companies or a controlling interest in an operating platform that can be grown substantially and can create superior value for all parties involved. We are interested in management buy-outs, companies in distressed, companies who need capital for investment; could be going through a transition or in a turnaround situation. We will look at companies with Revenues with $50M to $2B. Have a minimum EBITA of $10M.

OTTS- We are still here! Going Strong!

Posted: 16th Jul 2018 (0 comments)

We have been away from blogging for some time now, and we are sorry. We at OTTS, Inc., promise to get back to blogging on issues we feel are important. Being busy is no excuse! There is a lot of information to share and discuss. We at OTTS, Inc., have seen a lot this past year, and we have come to find a lot of companies need support in building a world-class supply chain network. Why! Because the companies have people in leadership positions that really don’t know what it takes to build a world-class supply chain network. Seriously!

OTTS, ERBO and GBRA --- What can I say. Life is Good.

Posted: 4th Mar 2018 (0 comments)

Managing two different companies has been keeping me busy. First, there’s Operations, Transformations & Transitions Specialists, Inc. (OTTS, Inc.), my business management company. We’re doing well—five 1099s working—and look to continue to grow in 2018. My second company, a sister to OTTS, Inc., called Employee Relations by OTTS (better known as “ERBO”), has really taken off.

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