1. OTTS has the capital resources

2. OTTS has a great management team (Second to none)

3. OTTS has the systems infrastructure, "TOTAL VISIBILITY."

4. OTTS knows what it takes for a company in today's global economy to compete

5. OTTS will reduce its client's Cost and drive quality throughout their client's value chain

OTTS, Inc. who has built and assembled a great management team, now offers 3PL Services. We at OTTS, Inc., specializes in the integration of all functions across the supply chain, from sourcing of raw materials, through product manufacturing to the distribution of finished goods. Through practical and incremental solutions that leverage leading technologies and the best in third-party logistics services, we enable clients to address complex global supply chain management issues by providing them with better visibility of their worldwide inventory, lower costs for systems integration and management, and lower transportation expense. OTTS's Team uses a Lean discipline concept approach to managing warehouses helps. Client's eliminate their waste, shorten lead their times, and improve the client's overall quality. OTTS's solutions include using powerful tools for securing the perfect site for a company's distribution center, designing a layout and set up processes, equipment, and visibility tools. OTTS will hire and train staff to ensure that your goods flow smoothly and inventory arrives when and where it’s needed, in the exact quantity needed. We at OTTS know every customer is unique and has their own DNA, and that’s why we customize solutions just for our client's operations/value chain. We also offer a full suite of value-added services such as:

3PL Services

OTTS using its WMS and TMS solutions will be able to provide totally "VISIBILITY," so our clients can "TRACK" all inbound and outbound shipments, to ensure the client has great comfort knowing where all their product is at any given time. OTTS systems will have the ability to provide "ALERTS" to our clients if there appears to be any risk in their value chain.

If your company needs support in getting Inventory Integrity, to improve your planning, or your company needs support in order fulfillment, or your company is struggling with your E-Commerce Platform, struggles with Order Fill Rates, or On-Time Delivery, give OTTS, Inc., a call at 1-888-410-6687 or your leadership team would want to see a Business Deck, and or "PowerPoint" the details out all OTTS's 3PL capabilities, contact us TODAY! Send us Note; We at OTTS can help