Shared Services

Making Your Operations More Effective at Managing the Business

We at OTTS see so much waste at many midsize to large companies. Due to this, these companies are operating so inefficiently. Besides not having the right data in front of the management team to make the best critical decision, (We at OTTS Can Fix that issue) another key reason that jumps out at you. These companies, with multiple manufacturing and distribution operations, seem to have their only little fiefdoms or silos operating with inside the enterprise, where middle and a lot of time’s senior management do not even talk to each other to make certain that the right decisions are being made! UNBELIEVABLE

Leaders out there listen up! Maybe you should consider going to a shared service supply chain organization. If you and your organization need support in making your operations into a world-class shared service unit call on the professionals at OTTS! Today! 888-410-6887.

  1. If you have multiple buyers from different operations calling on the same supplier. Not Good!

  2. No one central team managing the enterprise inventory (Finished/Raw Materials) Not Good!

  3. No one central team sourcing transportation optimizing routes and truck loads. Not Good

  4. No one central team managing the Forecast vs Actuals (Units/Cost) (MTD, QTD, and YTD) (Not Good)

  5. No Enterprise S&OP and or SIOP (Not Good)

Shared Services

The Shared-Services business model is increasingly being adopted (and successfully leveraged!) by organizations big and small. And not without good reason. The modality allows businesses to squeeze more value and worth out of their operations while still maintaining agreed-upon levels of customer service. But achieving cost-cuts is not the only factor that has propelled this massive pursuance of Shared Services. No sire!

Shared Services have several conceivably robust, far-reaching and enterprise-wide benefits pertaining to an organization's standardization of processes, scalability, decision support, productivity, customer service, flexibility, internal culture and of course, economies of scale. Shared Services bear in fact, the potential to completely transform an organization's function and market position.

And, OTTS makes sure your business can adopt, employ and leverage Shared Services to the full potential. Our best-in-class Shared Service solutions are tailored for the specific needs of your organization and provide intelligence on – (1) evaluating different models, (2) selecting the model most appropriate for your business, (3) devising a plan for establishing the Shared Service, (4) creating a step-by-step strategy for migration from your current as-in organization structure to the new structure and, (5) implementing the strategy.

Unlock impressive shared service benefits with OTTS partnership

OTTS is an industry leader in the Shared Services spectrum, having helped several organizations maximize performance across their fundamental capacity levers – processes, people and technology. It is this combination of experience and expertise that allows us to list for you, five areas where your organization will experience statistically significant optimization from our Shared Service solutions.

Major day-to-day operations

You will be able to centralize all operations dispersed throughout your organization and locate them in a more cost-effective environment. This would be a location that allows you to drive down costs associated with people and infrastructure. This would be a location that allows you to enjoy tax relaxations and benefits. And this would be a location that multiplies the benefits economies-of-scale for your organization!

Critical internal processes

Once all operations have been centralized, you will have the power to impose standardization easily across all critical processes across your organization. You will also have higher control over making updates to standardized processes according to industry best-practices and say the latest government guidelines. It will only be a matter of time before you start operating at increased efficiency across all major functions.

Customer Service Levels

Now, this is one benefit that offsets your investment in Shared Services almost single-handedly. Since operations have been centralized and process standardized, you can focus on what matters the most – delivering services to both internal and external customers in an effective and efficient manner. You are more able to respond to the changing requirements of your target market segment and can engage in continuous improvement with higher commitment.

Staff and professionalization

You get to reallocate staff into teams focused on critical business processes, thereby increasing the performance of both, the process and individual team members. Shared Services, in fact, allow you to focus on training and skill development of staff, which in turn boosts motivation and positive work culture.


With centralization and standardization comes the ability to use a common technology platform across the organization. And OTTS Shared Service solutions are designed to help coordinate the technology transformation of the front, middle and back-office. You learn how to leverage the latest technology while reducing the environmental impact of your IT activities and driving down costs simultaneously.

This mind you, are the five benefits we guarantee you prior to customizing our solutions for your organization.

Talk to our experts and learn more about the additional improvement you will enjoy from a Shared-Services model that caters to your business in particular. Improving competitive advantage and achieving massive business benefits has never been this easy. Contact us to take your first step today!

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