Designing and Implementing a Business Strategy

Are your competitors talking about your company in their boardrooms? Are your competitors beating you at our own game? Does your business strategy guide how you allocate resources and manage your business? Can every one of your managers leading their teams, articulate the company’s business strategy and are they empowered to execute on it? At OTTS, we see business strategy as much more than a plan. At OTTS, designing a company’s business strategy has been one of our core business practices. We work with companies in every industry around the globe to develop business strategies that deliver results.

If you are an international company looking for a better distribution network in the US or if you’re a US company looking to expand or improve your company’s operations and distribution domestically or have a greater international presence, you should give us a call at OTTS. 1-888-410-6887, we will deliver!

OTTS will build a tailored solution to help your company achieve sustained growth and emphasize mobilization from day one. We begin by helping clients choose where to focus so they can out-execute and out invest their competitors―and ultimately garner higher returns.

Redesign or Implement a New Business Strategy

OTTS will help and support clients to redesign functional, clear and effective new business strategies. At OTTS, we will help you to set your company's strategic goals and improve operational efficiency. This will result in achieving world-class performance, and improve customer satisfaction, using less energy. (operating cost)

Our proven business strategy techniques use input from the key decision-makers in your organization. We will do individual interviews with contributors to develop the best strategic plan. The strategy will be aligned with industry best practices and standards so that your company's success is guaranteed.

Every member of our executive-level team is seasoned professionals with at least 10 years of hardcore industry experience. We are experts when it comes to assisting your organization in managing the faster change and the accompanying complexities that are inherent to business service. Our consultants have spent a major part of their careers running the service operations and providing effective solutions to complex problems that challenge industries.

Strategy development

OTTS can assist you to create an exhaustive business strategic plan to spearhead your organization to attain a higher performance level. We will provide a road-map to help your organization develop and brush away the chaos which may result from inadequate planning.

Our proven planning process includes gathering input from all key stakeholders, individual contributors, and executives to make sure that the plan is in line with the corporate objectives. The formulated plan will permit you to prepare and implement strategies necessary to achieve your organizational objectives and goals.

The strategic planning process takes into account a lot of critical factors:

 The market conditions which may impact the organizational growth

 State of organization, its performance gaps, and improvement areas

 The service level targets required to meet customer satisfaction goals

 The resource needs to meet all projected services

 Training of staff and also development initiatives

 The organization's financial plan

OTTS will provide clients with an executive presentation that will clearly communicate the strategy to both senior management and staff.

Organizational design

OTTS can assist you to redesign your company for maximum efficiency. We will go through your existing organizational structure, interview all key management individuals and will determine if the existing functional structure is in tandem with your future objectives.

We will do a high-level assessment to provide you with a report that will outline the recommendations for the restructuring of the organization. An implementation plan will also be provided to assist you.

 Streamline organization structure

 Develop the measurable management objectives

 Set up accountability and control spans

 Create important performance indicators

 Implement the incentive compensation along with reward plans

 Help in defining the training needs

 Help in developing the description of management positions

 Set up a dashboard with key metrics/KPI’s to support better decision making

We will enable your organization to deliver the best service at the perfect quality to your clients.

OTTS will help your organization to provide international service quality to all your clients. We will redesign your infrastructure so that you can provide cost-effective services in every location around the world. This will be achieved by using technology and staff in the most efficient manner. We will help you in designing a worldwide service that will maximize your organization's operational efficiency.

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