At Operations, Transformation & Transition Specialists, LLC, better stated (OTTS) we look after the A to Z of a company’s operations. We ensure that your ERP system, operational processes, and talent in key functional areas are all synchronized and working together effectively. Our expertise lies in creating customized business solutions for your company, allowing your leadership teams to focus on the company's growth and other more important organizational tasks instead of pouring over minor details. As a decision maker, you should handle the big picture and feel assured that your value chain has no gaps, rather than sweating over insignificant details. Do contact us at OTTS, if you are facing any of the following challenges:

  • Ineffective supply chain planning
  • Increasing operating costs
  • Poor decision-making
  • Lack of management expertise
  • Declining quality of customer service
  • Increasing inventory
  • Mode and mix is off
  • Increasing expedited freight
  • Ineffective cash flow
  • Overall decline in quality
  • Rising material costs
  • Dissatisfied supplier base
  • Weak distribution network
  • Lack of accuracy and definition in inventory
  • Rising logistics costs
  • Increasing # of Past Due PO’s
  • Sluggish customer service levels (order fill rates)
  • ERP struggles and poor visibility
  • Production facilities seeing poor absorption rates
  • Poor communication with inside the company's operation

Take the right steps today! If you are a decision maker or an executive in your company and you are facing problems such as, inefficiencies with your business processes, your service levels are dropping with your customer base, a lot past due PO's, an increase in expedited freight costs. You should consider reaching out to a third-party organization that can specifically handle and correct all these areas of concern in your company's organization. Contact OTTS!

At OTTS, we oversee all the details in your company’s value chain and will provide a customize solution specifically for what your company needs to. We make sure your operations adds speed with less energy (reduce cost) that will function more efficiently. With qualified and experienced professionals to back the organization, you no longer have to worry about the gaps and inefficiencies in your company's value chain – we will take care of all of that!

Streamlined business operations

From the smallest details like inventory management to handling customer service, you can count on OTTS, to cover all the bases. Representing you in a professional and efficient manner, we can help address all issues associated with the day-to-day operations of your business, including overall quality and efficiency of work, logistics, cost reduction as well as decision-making.

Benefits of operational efficiency

Here are some of the biggest benefits you stand to gain by choosing outside experts to pour into the details while you oversee the larger picture and take your organization to new heights. When you rely on the experts, you will receive these three-fold benefits:

  • Internal efficiency (cost reductions)
  • Customer service (improve service levels)
  • Supplier service (reduction in both your spend, and past due PO's and better quality)

By handling all three aspects of your business efficiently, OTTS can help you perform faster and more efficiently as a CEO, CFO, COO, VP, or MD. Regardless of your position in the company, you can take your organization to new heights with the right professionals backing you. With the required assistance, you can improve your organization’s life cycle management and boost operations to eliminate inefficiencies as well as redundancies.

Contact OTTS Today!

To know more about how we can help your company progress faster, get in touch with us today at Apart from giving expert advice on streamlining your operations and business processes, we also offer a quick estimate on the project and pricing. What makes us unique is our approach to operational management. Treating each organization as a unique outfit, we create a customized plan that helps address weaknesses, while retaining strengths.


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