Contract Manufacturing

Organizations can easily save costs and benefit if they outsource product manufacturing to contracted manufacturing concerns. The savings from production costs can be a necessity in the present low-margin and demanding market. However, identifying the best contract manufacturer to meet your company's production requirements could turn out to be difficult due to the plethora of contract manufacturers, where each third party manufacturer has its own unique limitations and capabilities.

This is how we can help you

OTTS has the winning combination of expertise in best practices related to strategic sourcing, service, inventory control, quality and planning, as well as logistics. These have helped us to gain the skill of identifying the perfect contract manufacturer for our clients. Our sourcing team has assisted companies in reducing expenses and eliminating the risks within the supply chains.

Like our several satisfied customers, we would love to help even you in reducing your company's contract manufacturing expenses and making sure that you sign the correct contract manufacturer who will perfectly meet your requirements.

OTTS has developed a proprietary suite of customizable and adaptable strategic sourcing solutions which, when implemented, will result in significant cost reduction. Our spend management practices will be tailored to your company's particular requirements. We will:

 Develop a complete view of the operations of your company by understanding your organization's requirements and the services you need from a contract manufacturer  Research market to understand which contract manufacturers best-suit your organization  Identify particular contract manufacturers capable of executing all operations in-house. This will save you a considerable amount of time.  Identify contract manufacturer facilities, which have the necessary equipment to manufacture the products at desired volumes.

OTTS for the contract manufacturer: meeting challenges in fluid landscapes

Manufacturing standards are much higher today than in the past. The current regulations led by greater customer expectations have elevated contract manufacturers to be a very important component of the production process. Launching any product is still a daunting task, with ideation, manufacturing, packaging, and efforts to get any product to the market and then promoting it. We can help you with planning, inventory, manufacturing operations, cash flow, supplier negotiations, and network as well as ERP systems.

As a contract manufacturer, you can expect the following benefits from us:

 Clean balance sheets and adequate working capital  Provide insights as well as tools required to project the correct quantity and the value of the needed inventory to support newer manufacturing models.  Minimal or absent off-book liabilities  Leveraging and refreshing of ERP systems  Perfect correlation with the OEM to understand inventory reserves that are off the balance sheet and minimizing any confrontation with the client  Help the contract manufacturer to understand OEM needs and work towards financial success

Tapping the contract manufacturer's potential

When you work with us, you can avoid business surprises due to astute management. We provide stronger decision-making, better insights, and tighter collaborations, which ensure optimal management of the inventory. High-performance achievement in manufacturing becomes a reality, with OTTS.


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