Supply Chain Production Planning Inventory Control (SCPPIC)

Is your company’s supply chain inefficient? Does it cost you too much? Are your managers and their teams having trouble managing your supply chain? Are you unhappy with your return on investment (ROI)? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then contact Operations, Transformations & Transition Specialists (OTTS).

Make Your Supply Chain Work in Your Favor

Today, supply chains are very complex and span multiple processes and organizations. In order to manage your supply chain to make it work in your favor, you have to first identify the major issues that you are facing. Where exactly, in your chain, are you facing the issue? You have to look at all possible aspects:

 Sourcing

 Inventory

 Logistics/Distribution

 Packaging

 Manufacturing

 Quality Control

 Demand Management

 Customer Service

Managing your supply chain involves managing processes on both the supplier and consumer sides as well as managing your internal work. It involves the flow of both information and materials.

The plan you create must include timely sourcing of the right quantity of materials from each of your suppliers and finished goods from the manufacturing facilities that go out to your customers (which goes hand in hand with absolute inventory control), implementing standard operating procedures (SOP) for manufacturing and quality control, determining your demand and appropriately manufacturing the right quantity of goods. Your company’s supply chain group should include the packaging and distribution of your goods to warehouses in all their supply chain planning processes, in addition to planning of product going out to the retail outlets as well as after-sale markets.

You also have to consider how you will deal with returned materials from your customers and how and when to return materials to your suppliers. Moreover, you have to ensure that all elements work well together in unison and that no process will hinder another.

Questions for Leaders to ask their teams:

  1. How many screens do your planners have to go through to manage 1 product line?

  2. How are your expedited freight costs?

  3. How are your order fill rates, on-time shipping metrics?

  4. Shortages to your manufacturing operations?

  5. Are customer Orders being shorted?

  6. How is your inventory? Any excess? Aged? Mode & Mix on Target? Write-offs?

  7. What Metrics/KPI's do your managers and planners used to manage the business

How OTTS Can Help

OTTS is a business management consulting company. We identify, analyze, and provide solutions to our clients' problems. Our senior team has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of supply chain management. We have successfully solved problems faced by sourcing departments and have implemented optimal production planning and inventory control methods. We have also helped businesses to set up strong distribution networks as well as incorporate good quality assurance programs. We have also helped to set up excellent customer service programs.

We will help you to overcome the two main obstacles faced by business: efficiency and cost control in the supply chain. We will optimize your business functions and maximize your productivity by identity and implementing supply chains that also reduce your operating costs. We can also help you to set up excellent customer service programs and help you to make better decisions by providing you with high-performance reporting tools.

Compared to the big consulting firms, OTTS charges on average 20 to 40% less and are getting our clients a rate of return of more than 4 to 1

We offer skilled professionals for projects lasting from three to eighteen months and our consultants can assist you in a wide range of tasks related to your supply chain production planning inventory control (SCPPIC). Whether you are faced with increasing operating costs, an ineffective supply chain, a weak distribution network, higher logistics costs, inventory problems, or anything related to your supply chain, give us a call. We can be reached at 888-410 -OTTS (888-410-6887).

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