Welcome Briana Marie (OTTS/ERBO Influencer)

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Posted on: 27th Mar 2020
Posted by: OTTS Ops Team
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briana marie

#network, #influencers #professionals #businessowners #dealmakers #PrivateEquity #rockers 


Please welcome to the @ottsinc business development team, #model, #actor, #brandinfluencer

Briana Marie, who is a very accomplished in her own right, being a spokes model for some great US #Brands, plus she is an up and coming actor who as been #TVShows like #empire. Please check out her @instagram profile @1brianamarie, tell her hi! 


Briana Marie comes on board the #OTTSCorp team, to support and build our #socialmedia presence and be a key stakeholder on our business development team to market and grow both OTTS, Inc and ERBO companies.


For the record as many business owners and corporations are starting to realize. No Business Management company is better at supporting companies and business owners through a transition, or can significantly increase a company’s #cashflow, or strengthen a company’s sales channels in competitive markets, or who can vastly improve a company’s E-commerce Platform.  No business consultant company Is better equipped than OTTS to reduce a company’s operating expenses. No FIRM PERIOD!


Briana Maria will also support @erboinc to get the word out to #jobseekers if they want to improve their chances for their next opportunity, and or greatly improve their standard of living for themselves and their families. They the professional should look to signup and join the ERBO professionals network, at


In addition too,  Briana Marie, will marketing to #companies, #recruiters, #talentsearch #agencies  #humanresource #departments,  who are seeking to secure top line Professionals. Advising them they can post jobs listings on our site, where we have a vast network to work with to ensure the best professional applies for their job openings.  Should be noted no job site beats ERBO on pricing, no indeed, no ziprecruiter, no Glassdoor, no Climber, no TheLafders, no Monster, or Careerbuilder. It’s not even close.


Briana Marie, will also be very instrumental in getting the word out to business owners, Hiring Managers, When it comes to doing confidential or contingency searches. No executive search firm can compete with ERBO.  Check us out: Https://  Our basic standard rate is 20% of the professional’s 1st year salary. 


Please, give a warm, warm welcome to the new OTTS key member Briana Marie! 

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