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4PL Management

OTTS offers and provides companies, especially small and midsize companies, that feel they need support or want to outsource any of their company’s supply chain functions for expertise and accountabilities, OTTS is the premium solution. Allow OTTS to manage your company's supply chain functions and accountabilities, such as supply chain planning, inventory management, strategic sourcing, customer service, logistics and transportation, and dashboard data reporting.

1.4PL outsourcing allows organizations – especially start-ups and small businesses that lack the expertise, bandwidth or resources to profitably manage supply chain and operations functions – to optimize their supply-chain delivery model, gain productivity, drive down costs and penetrate new regional markets.

2.OTTS ensures that those organizations seeking 4th party logistics will have a quick payback and high return on their 4PL investment.

It's as simple as that! You feel your company could use some expertise in supporting your operations. Don't wait! Call OTTS today!

OTTS- Has skilled Consultants that can make a difference

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Is your company looking for professionals to assist your project team in completing operations? If you are handling projects that require additional hands by experts, trust OTTS. Offering experienced, qualified and knowledgeable staff consultants by your side, we can assist you in creating and fine tuning business operations and maximizing return on investment. Our consultants not only offer standard advice, but actively take part in the project as well. Ideal for short term projects ranging up 6 to 18 months, we are ready to serve and improve.

Distribution, Assembly Operations (3 superstars)

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Are you in need of a Distribution/Operations Manager to improve your company's flow, reduce cost and increase both your company's quality and service. If so, give us a call at OTTS 1-888-410-6887


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If your company is struggling with its cash flow and/or your financials are falling, please contact OTTS ASAP! We take great passion in helping companies get back on their feet and helping them compete in today’s economy. We are determined to help companies avoid closing their doors!

The OTTS team is comprised of skilled business experts who assist companies by helping them improve cash flow operations. We have a proven track record of getting companies out of the red and into the black.

We will delve into your company’s operation and analyze the following areas:

  1. Suppliers and Their Terms

  2. Raw Material Costs

  3. Finished Goods Pricing and BOM’s Structure

  4. Customers’ Invoices and Terms

  5. Inventory, Warehousing, Distribution

  6. Operations (COGS)

  7. SG&A

  8. IT Infrastructure (ERP and all other systems to run the business)

  9. Consultants/3PLs (if applicable)

After OTTS determines which processes and functionalities are hindering your cash flow and/or stressing its financials, we will provide a best-in-class leadership solution that managers will be able to implement. If needed, OTTS will oversee the implementation of these solutions to ensure they are properly executed.

Don’t delay—it might be too late! Contact OTTS today and get your company back on solid ground, ready to compete in a prosperous marketplace.

At OTTS, no company is too small or too large; we can improve your cash flow and financial picture in no time!

Call us OTTS, TODAY!

Happy New Year & (Recap 2015)

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OTTS, 2015 Recap

Two thousand fifteen was another strong year for OTTS. The firm’s success came from supporting companies reduce their operating costs, creating excellent management tools, and strengthening our clients’ talent bases.

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