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Posted: 18th Jun 2014 (0 comments)

At A Quick Glance

We oversee, transform, and drive the execution (lead or in a supportive role) in optimizing business functions across a company’s entire organization by identifying and implementing cost-efficient supply chain solutions for both global and domestic footprints. These solutions will maximize productivity that reduces operating costs and will empower your global business connections.

We have in-depth knowledge in realigning strategic sourcing strategies involving supply chain production planning, increase cash flow, and distribution and manufacturing operations. Combined with a strong ability to track and eliminate blind spots, we help you strengthen supplier relations and greatly improve contract negotiations. Also, we fortify your IT information systems infrastructure that will drive your business to succeed in today’s highly intensely competitive environment.

OTTS has been very successful in setting up world-class customer service and inventory management programs. These programs have delivered high performance reporting tools thru leveraging a company’s business intelligence using the companies own business enablers to streamline logistics and enhance the distribution networks.

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