OTTS's Skilled Consultants Make A Differnece

Posted: 17th Sep 2016 (0 comments)

No matter how you define it, OTTS Corp. secures expert consultants for your company in a wide range of professions. We’re on the pulse of today’s project specialties for your short or long-term assignments (3-18 months). No matter the scope of your needs, we provide the talent to reach your goal, and in the process improve and better your organization.

Indianapolis, Ind. -Hiring Managers, Project Management, Master Trainer

Posted: 15th Sep 2016 (0 comments)

OTTS has added a new talent to our directory. This professional is a supply chain and project management leader who has recently relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana. She would like to bring her expertise to a local organization. In addition to being recognized as an expert in supplier performance management, she provides a unique background in marketing and communications, and is fluent in Spanish. She practices 6 Sigma, and is a certified lean professional.

Supply Chain Production Planning Inventory Control (SCPPIC)

Posted: 17th Apr 2015 (0 comments)

Supply Chain Production Planning Inventory Control (SCPPIC) is what OTTS does best.

Many companies struggle in their supply chain planning operations. Supply Chain Production Planning Inventory Control (SCPPIC), is such a critical piece for the success of any business in today's global economy.

Any breakdown or gaps in a company's value chain that causes the risk of supply of goods to the market can result in a sluggish sales and seeing blow-back in consumer interest, along with unplanned costs affecting a company's bottom line. A company that is inefficient in SCPPIC could ultimately cause a company’s ability to compete in the market place and shut down its doors. An effective supply chain planning operation is the behind-the-scenes backbone of any profitable company with benefits ranging from an increased market presence to heightened consumer confidence and lower operating costs.

If your company's supply chain is struggling, give OTTS a call at 888-410-6887 or drop us a note at

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