OTTS, Inc. We are...Expanding

Posted: 21st Jul 2018 (5 comments)

We formed an association for the specific intent of identifying and acquiring a company or companies or a controlling interest in an operating platform that can be grown substantially and can create superior value for all parties involved. We are interested in management buy-outs, companies in distressed, companies who need capital for investment; could be going through a transition or in a turnaround situation. We will look at companies with Revenues with $50M to $2B. Have a minimum EBITA of $10M.

OTTS- We are still here! Going Strong!

Posted: 16th Jul 2018 (0 comments)

We have been away from blogging for some time now, and we are sorry. We at OTTS, Inc., promise to get back to blogging on issues we feel are important. Being busy is no excuse! There is a lot of information to share and discuss. We at OTTS, Inc., have seen a lot this past year, and we have come to find a lot of companies need support in building a world-class supply chain network. Why! Because the companies have people in leadership positions that really don’t know what it takes to build a world-class supply chain network. Seriously!

Synergies of OTTS & ERBO will make your Ops more efficient!

Posted: 20th Mar 2017 (2 comments)

Decision makers choose OTTS (Operations, Transition & Transform Specialists) for one of the most important decisions they may ever make for their company. They know OTTS has a 20+ year reputation providing quality, cost-effectiveness while at the same, increases in customer channels for American businesses. OTTS on average has achieved giving their clients a 44-1 ROI on projects completes. OTTS can state with confidence when taking on any new project, for companies choosing them to get their business where it needs to be…cutting costs and maximizing profits! The client can expect to see an ROI of at least 10-1. Guaranteed!

OTTS - Is the Right Choice

Posted: 10th Dec 2016 (0 comments)

Well-versed in many facets of supply chain and quality processes, the experts at OTTS have a high success rate in developing workable solutions to challenges, with the result of increased cash flow, improvement in quality, and reduced cost. Helping your company achieve the utmost in efficiency and profitability is our priority, and we provide support throughout every step of the process: from determining the root causes of issues to designing workable solutions and implementing them. OTTS offers incomparable service, superior quality, and an outstanding ROI, averaging an 8-1 rate of return.

Leaders Call OTTS B-4 you Layoff your workers!

Posted: 8th Dec 2016 (0 comments)

{custom-gallery:mark's images}Now more than ever, keeping companies and jobs in the US is a critical priority. OTTS Corp. (Operations Transformation and Transition Specialists) is here to lead your business into highly profitable and efficient territory right here at home. We have the proven ability and track record with companies all over the country, any size and in every type of industry. Higher profits and streamlined operations give your company the edge it needs to keep your business in the US and avoid going overseas.

We Are OTTS!

Posted: 2nd Dec 2016 (0 comments)

We at OTTS oversee, transform, and initiate the solutions that optimize business functions by identifying and implementing cost-efficient supply chain solutions for global and domestic footprints. These solutions maximize productivity that reduces operating costs and empowers global business connections.

Dashboards 2 Drive Better Decision Making!

Posted: 16th Jun 2016 (0 comments)

OTTS designs and implements dashboards that display from an enterprise level, then all elements rolling under the enterprise such as country, region, customers, suppliers, raw material status and the cost and revenue associated with each. It incorporates key performance indicators (KPI’s) and metrics helping you make key decisions. Our designs roll-up from staff to executive levels, ensuring all stakeholders in the value chain are on the same page. So what’s the bottom line? Our dashboards provide you with a clear path to increased efficiency and profitability at a savings of 20% to %60!

OTTS, Inc (Total Package)

Posted: 5th Feb 2016 (0 comments)

At OTTS, we offer reliable and professional services to small and large-scale enterprises from staff to senior level positions. If you are looking to turn your business around and get better outcomes from your workforce, turn to our services at OTTS, and expand your business' reach. Our qualified consultants can work through all the complications in your business environment, and provide solutions to ensure positive results.

OTTS- Has skilled Consultants that can make a difference

Posted: 16th Jan 2016 (0 comments)

Is your company looking for professionals to assist your project team in completing operations? If you are handling projects that require additional hands by experts, trust OTTS. Offering experienced, qualified and knowledgeable staff consultants by your side, we can assist you in creating and fine tuning business operations and maximizing return on investment. Our consultants not only offer standard advice, but actively take part in the project as well. Ideal for short term projects ranging up 6 to 18 months, we are ready to serve and improve.

Designing and Implementing a Business Strategy

Posted: 4th Apr 2015 (0 comments)

Are your competitors talking about your company in their boardrooms? Are your competitors beating you at our own game? Does your business strategy guide how you allocate resources and manage your business? Can every one of your managers leading their teams, articulate the company’s business strategy and are they empowered to execute on it? At OTTS, we see business strategy as much more than a plan. At OTTS, designing a company’s business strategy has been one of our core business practices. We work with companies in every industry around the globe to develop business strategies that deliver results.

If you are an international company looking for a better distribution network in the US or if you’re a US company looking to expand or improve your company’s operations and distribution domestically or have a greater international presence, you should give us a call at OTTS. 1-888-410-6887, we will deliver!

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