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Posted on: 28th Dec 2020
Posted by: OTTS Ops Team
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CEO’s, COO's, VP’s, listen up!

2020 has been a tough year. There is a lot of uncertainty in the global markets; with a worldwide pandemic; companies are seeing their sourcing and logistics costs on the rise and the competition is getting fierce!  

Leaders and #decisionmakers fear no more; we at @OTTSInc, have the secret weapon to support your operations; reduce your costs; greatly improve your quality, and we will initiate second supplier sourcing. OTTS will secure getting your sourcing and purchasing teams better terms that will significantly improve your operations cash-flow. “Guaranteed” Our secret weapon is Bob!

No one on the planet is better at strategic sourcing than Bob when it comes to Raw materials, freight (ocean, truck, and even parcel), and when it comes to Packaging. “Forget it about it!!’ No firm or individual will beat Bob in securing the best packaging supplier(s) to get your company the best pricing, terms, and delivery. No one! 

If your company's leadership is worried about their Spend, and the uncertainty of what 2021 will bring: while trying to build a best-in-class supplier’s network. FEAR NO MORE! Give Bob a call at the OTTS office at 949.892.0055 or send us an email at operations@otts-inc. Try OTTS out for 30 days; and see for yourself, that your operations your supply chain teams will see the difference in what Bob and his team can do to support your sourcing and purchasing organizations!


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