We @ OTTS Got your back! Coronavirus Update!

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Posted on: 30th Mar 2020
Posted by: OTTS Ops Team
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Coronavirus (Operations Supply Chain Bulletin)

Note from OTTS's Sr. Board Member, 

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OTTS is hearing from Operations Executives who call us to vent;  their operations are struggling to manage their supply chain and logistics to service their customers during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

No need to worry anymore, tell the Decision Maker, the one in Charge, RELAX we at OTTS got this, no problem! Our team of consultants at OTTS are not only mentally tough to handle change, are accomplished, and can lead others, organizations through the storm of uncertainty. This is what we do for a living, and we do it very well! 


Do your operations need support in the following areas:


Supply Chain Planning & Inventory Control (SCPPIC)

Cash Flow

Inventory Control (Accuracy)

EDI Review

Order to Cash

Keeping your customer's shelves 

Marketing Strategy, Strengthen Sale Channels

3PL and 4PL management Expectations 

Audit your Chart of Accounts

System Enhancements

Dashboard Analytics

Logistics, On-time delivery

Service fill rates

Ocean container and delivery

Supplier Development

Strategic Sourcing

Recruiting, Executive Search - Securing the best professional for your team (Through the ERBO network)


Don't hesitate, call our business development today!

You might be asking why, OTTS? Well, for starters, No Firm will beat us out on pricing or give your company a better ROI. ( It's not even close)  Two, during this Pandemic, when we as a nation are asked to self-quarantine. All of our Consultants are experts at working Remotely, and yes, we will still get your company and organization your expected results, that is, Better Customer Service, Increase Cash Flow, and for certain we at OTTS will reduce your operating costs. 


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Contact us today, at 888-410-6887 or drop us an email at    

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