Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms (Listen Up!)

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Posted on: 20th Oct 2019
Posted by: OTTS Ops Team
Categories: Transportation &amp; Tranformation
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Strategy formulation for recovery

We cooperate with the management, stakeholders, lenders and investors to create a strong strategy for recovery. We bring in substantial industry knowledge and expertise to make a road map by which sustainable recovery can be obtained.

Implementing the strategy

We offer on-ground support to make sure that the restructuring strategy is implemented. In a few cases, this could involve the addition of interim managers who supplement and support the company management for a particular period of time.

Deep Dive of the entire Value Chain

When we are brought in by PE or Venture Capital firms to support their leadership and management teams to optimize their investment. We will do a deep dive over the entire value chain of their acquisition. Then once the Assessment is completed. The OTTS Transition Team will layout a solution to fix, restore, re-engineer, and or develop a new process, along with a transition timeline, that will show milestones, metrics, budget vs actual, to ensure all parties can be a part of the measurement of success. OTTS, unlike our competitors, we will provide an ROI of the expectation of our Solution once implemented.

  • Cash flow (Chart of accounts)
  • Competition
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing/Co-packing
  • Suppliers/Sourcing/Spend
  • Transportation
  • Distribution Network
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Quality/Research Development
  • ERP and all Systems in place
  • Reporting Tools
  • Current Management

Improvement in performance

We plan and support implementation and perform the financial stratagem so that revenue and margins can be improved and costs can be reduced.

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