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Posted on: 16th Aug 2020
Posted by: OTTS Ops Team
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Listen up! Do you have a 3PL running your distribution operations, that includes warehousing and logistics? How is that working for your Operations?


Does your Company have excellent inventory control, have an outstanding supply chain planning process, where you can ensure your Company has the proper mode and mix? Are you seeing superior service levels, has your finance team seen a reduction in customer chargebacks, and penalties? How many General Ledger (GL) inventory adjustments is your team seeing during a month and having to manage? Are the EDI signals set up correctly and hitting your ERP system accounts accurately?  When it comes to your 3PL invoicing, are they charging you for every transaction, and is your 3PL agreeing to be accountable for KPIs and Metrics as related to your distribution operation?

If the answer is NO, to a lot of these scenarios listed!  We at OTTS, Inc, can tell you that you and your Company are not alone. Over that last several months, OTTS working with its clients, have seen a lot of 3PL’s, where quality, delivery, and service are non-existent, and these service providers seem to lack the basic understanding on what it means to be a 3PL provider and partner! Seriously!


If your operations are having issues with your 3PL provider(s), give us a call today, at 949-892-0055, or email Bob and Mark at  We will be glad to support your company’ and turn your distribution challenges around. To where your Operations’ will have excellent inventory control, a superior supply chain planning process with the right mode & mix. In addition, too, Your Company’s Operations will have world-class service levels in the high 99% range, both on order fill rates, and case fill rates and be head and shoulders above your competition on the critical metric of on-time delivery!


We at OTTS also excel in supporting our customers using 3PLs;




Reverse Logistics


Quality Inspections

Physical Inventory

Cycle Counting Processes


If your Operations needs help ASAP. Drop us note today!


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