You want to be a Hero- Call us! OTTS!

Posted: 13th Jun 2015 (0 comments)

Today, a company’s supply chain is complex. We at OTTS have learned from experience while resolving companies challenges. Usually 9 out of 10 times, the issues go across multiple organizations and processes. We are well-equipped to define the issue, design a workable solution, execute and lead in the deployment of the solution, and then will set-up KPI’s to monitor and drive success.

Besides providing and implementing a workable solution, OTTS will specify what the issue or challenge is costing the company and will project the savings that will be captured from the solution implementation. The company’s finance department will see a ROI (return on investment). Most consulting companies or consultants don’t provide the ROI to their consultation because they don’t define the root cause and are unable to know what the issue is costing a company’s bottom line.

We provide high quality at a great value. Our pricing is anywhere from 20-40 percent lower than the big five consulting companies. We will provide you and your company the savings obtained from our solution.

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