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Posted on: 22nd Apr 2015
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Services: Designing & Overseeing ERP, TMS, WMS, Value Chain Application Implementations

Effective management of resources is critical for the success of any business, irrespective of the industry you belong to. An effective ERP strategy should be an integral part of your business system because it maximizes optimum resource allocation and utilization. Since it also facilitates the proper flow of information between various departments of your business, an effective ERP strategy also paves the way for better productivity and cost control.

However, it is surprisingly common to find business owners who identify huge gaps in their ERP strategy years after the business was initially launched. This often happens because adequate care was not taken at the time of initial system implementation to ensure that the ERP system aligned perfectly with the business’s needs. At OTTS, we understand the many complex issues that may arise when an ideal ERP system is not set up right from the beginning or the start of the business. Our attention and expertise in this respect enables us to guarantee a minimum of 3- 1 return on your investment.

Seamless integration into the business’s other systems


A successful ERP design and implementation needs its functionality and features to seamlessly mesh into the other technological and operational systems of the business. When it comes to supply chain management, an effective ERP system can translate into significant savings. It also ensures disruption free operations that will in turn amp up your business’ potential to maximize sales and revenues. Whether it is warehouse management system, transport management system or any other aspect that plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth flow of raw materials through the production line to the distribution network, a tool to integrate them all is essential.

We have the capability and resources to study your production line flow, understand the challenges and vulnerabilities. We can also address them all through an efficient ERP design that bridges critical gaps. We have the expertise to implement this ERP system in your organization in such a way that it aligns perfectly with all your existing systems. This will make it possible for you switch over to the new ERP system instantly without having to make dramatic changes in your existing operational style.

Achieving the key goal of improving profitability

One of the key goals that we aim to achieve with our ERP design is to cut out all unnecessary costs incurred during operations and maximizing savings at every stage of the raw material acquisition- production- distribution process. This, we achieve by enhancing the overall efficiency of your processes, improving your ability to keep track of the production at every stage, and eliminating the costly delays that may arise at any stage of the manufacturing/ distribution process.

We have a reliable demand forecasting solution, multi-site logistics capability and life cycle management feature that can track every step- from raw material origin point to finished goods consumption point. Backed by all these, our ERP solutions will cover everything you will need for an efficient value chain management.

The OTTS Leadership have designed and have overseen many system implementations.

  1. Oracle

  2. SAP

  3. Microsoft AX

  4. eBPCs

  5. Infor Supply Chain Applications

  6. I2

  7. Provia WMS

  8. Sterling TMS/WMS

  9. Datex WMS/TMS

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